FCP Report No. 3

Some Fracture Problems in Welded High Strength Members


Thomas J. Dolan
Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics


Because of the many modes of fracture that may develop, the strength of a weldment cannot be predicted on the basis of tensile strength of the metals joined. Better control of the processes and procedures are required at every stage of design, development and fabrication to avoid fractures in the “higher strength” metals. Weld metal must be developed and deposited with a high degree of purity, and must be free from slag inclusions, micro-cracks, and excessive rates of heat input. For each potential mode of failure quantitative information must be obtained on the significant material properties that measure the nearness to damage of the weld metal, the plate and the heat affected zones. The designer must foresee all environmental factors, and base his design stresses on realistic estimates of the fundamental resistance of these zones to each possible mode of failure.

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