FCP Report No. 26

Fundamentals of Modern Fatigue Analysis


D. F. Socie
M. R. Mitchell
E. M. Caulfield
Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics


The first three sections of this report were originally prepared by the authors for Structural Dynamics Research Corporation in conjunction with the seminar entitled, "Fundamentals of Modern Fatigue Analysis." SDRC has long recognized the need for close cooperation between universities and industry and has graciously given permission to reprint these notes as part of a Fracture Control Program Report. In addition to updating these three sections, a fourth section has been added to include problems and solutions which are applicable to the subject matter presented.

The purpose of this report is to provide designers and engineers with a document which summarizes the current developments in fatigue and fracture mechanics. It is anticipated by the authors that the use of concepts provided in this report will lead to more efficient and safer designs of structures and machines.

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