FCP Report No. 18

Material Characterization of a Normalized and Tempered, 0.2 w/o C Cast Steel


M. R. Mitchell
Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics


Monotonic and cyclic stress-strain behavior and strain-life resistance of a 0.2 w/o C cast steel of 160 BHN are reported. This cast steel exhibits a monotonic 0.2% yield strength of 49 ksi and a minimum cyclic 0.2% yield strength of 47 ksi. The upper yield point is 58.5 ksi. However, due to cyclic softening, the cyclic flow stress is reduced to approximately 25 ksi. Engineering ultimate strength and ductility are comparable to a similar wrought steel of equal hardness.

As with other cast metals in which internal microdiscontinuities are present, the strain-life fatigue resistance is comparable to but slightly inferior to that of a wrought steel of equal hardness. Recently developed predictive techniques, which employ measurements of the size and distribution of the largest microdiscontinuities and matrix hardness measurement, produce an accurate description of the fatigue resistance of this cast steel.

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