FCP Reports

The Fracture Control Program maintains a library of research reports related to key issues in the field.

You may search this library using the field to the right based on keywords and the contents of each report’s abstract and title.  Or, please use the links below to browse our reports.  They’re ordered chronologically.

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132 “An Investigation into Isothermal and Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Damage at Elevated Temperatures,” Mark L. Karasek, August 1986 (UILU-ENG 86-3609). Abstract Download (6 MB)
133 “Mechanics Aspects of Crack Closure,” Paul L. Lalor, August 1986 (UILU-ENG 86-3610). Abstract Download (2 MB)
134 “An Experimentally Based Unified Model for Isothermal and Thermo-mechanical Loading,” Donald Slavik, September 1986 (UILU-ENG 86-3611). Abstract Download (2 MB)
135 “Structure/Chemistry/Properties of Ion Plated Nickel Films on Glass-Ceramic Substrates,” Mihir Mahendra Shah and J. M. Rigsbee, January 1987 (UILU-ENG 87-3601). Abstract Download (4 MB)
136 “Cracking of Railroad Wheels,” Brian G. Thomas, August 1987 (UILU-ENG 87-3602). Abstract Download (3 MB)
137 “Analysis of Ion Plate Cu/Cordierite Film and Interface Structure and Chemistry,” Philip A. Scott and J. M. Rigsbee, October 1987 (UILU-ENG 87-3603). Abstract Download (7 MB)
138 “The Effects of Strain Induced Softening on the Load Carrying Capability of Components,” James L. Handrock, November 1987 (UILU-ENG 87-3604). Abstract Download (5 MB)
139 “Fatigue Crack Closure and Crack Growth Outside the Small Scale Yielding Regime,” R. Craig McClung, December 1987 (UILU-ENG 87-3605). Abstract Download (6 MB)
140 “A Micro-mechanistic Life Prediction Model Suitable for Isothermal and Thermo-mechanical Fatigue,” Richard W. Neu, January 1988 (UILU-ENG 88-3601). Abstract Download (4 MB)
141 “Adhesion, Microstructure and Interface Studies of Evaporated and Ion Plated Copper and Chromium Coatings,” Jeffrey C. Logas and J. M. Rigsbee, February 1988 (UILU-ENG 88-3602). Abstract Download (6 MB)