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The Fracture Control Program maintains a library of research reports related to key issues in the field.

You may search this library using the field to the right based on keywords and the contents of each report’s abstract and title.  Or, please use the links below to browse our reports.  They’re ordered chronologically.

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122 “Wear of Laser Processed Cast Iron,” C. H. Chen, M. K. Keshavan, C. J. Altstetter and J. M. Rigsbee, July 1985 (UILU-ENG 85-3606). Abstract Download (2 MB)
123 “An Evaluation of Damage Development During Multiaxial Fatigue of Smooth and Notched Specimens,” James Walter Fash, August 1985 (UILU-ENG 85-3607). Abstract Download (11 MB)
124 “Estimating the Effects of Residual Stress on the Fatigue Life of Notched Components,” F. V. Lawrence, Jr. and J.-Y. Yung, April 1986 (UILU-ENG 86-3601). Abstract Download (1 MB)
125 “Predicting the Fatigue Life of Welds under Combined Bending and Torsion,” J.-Y. Yung and F. V. Lawrence, Jr., April 1986 (UILU-ENG 86-3602). Abstract Download (824 KB)
126 “Fatigue Behavior of Gray Cast Iron under Torsional Loads,” Daniel Joseph Weinacht, May 1986 (UILU-ENG 86-3603). Abstract Download (7 MB)
127 “Microstructure and Wear Properties of Laser Clad Fe-Cr-Mn-C Alloys,” Jogender Singh and J. Mazumder, June 1986 (UILU-ENG 86-3604). Abstract Download (2 MB)
128 “Observations of Tension and Torsion Fatigue Cracking Behavior and the Effect on Multiaxial Damage Correlations,” Julie Ann Bannantine, July 1986 (UILU-ENG 86-3605). Abstract Download (7 MB)
129 “Characterization of Fe-Cr-Ni Alloys Produced by Laser Surface Alloying Using Mixed Powder Feeds,” T. Chande, A. Ghose and J. Mazumder, July 1986 (UILU-ENG 86-3606). Abstract Download (1 MB)
130 “A Three-Dimensional Transient Finite Element Model for TIG Welding,” P. Tekriwal, M. Stitt and J. Mazumder, August 1986 (UILU-ENG 86-3607). Abstract Download (1 MB)
131 “Fatigue Crack initiation and Early Growth in Tensile-Shear Spot Weldments,” James C. McMahon and Frederick V. Lawrence, Jr., August 1986 (UILU-ENG 86-3608). Abstract Download (4 MB)