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The Fracture Control Program maintains a library of research reports related to key issues in the field.

You may search this library using the field to the right based on keywords and the contents of each report’s abstract and title.  Or, please use the links below to browse our reports.  They’re ordered chronologically.

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162 “The Fatigue Design of Electrical Spot Weldments,” M. H. Swellam, G. Banas, and F. V. Lawrence, August 1993 (UILC-ENG 93-4020). Abstract Download (1 MB)
163 “The Effect of Particle Size on the Thermomechanical Fatigue of Metal Matrix Composites,” William Walker Van Arsdell, August 1993 (UILC-ENG 93-4021. Abstract Download (3 MB)
164 “Calculation of Notch Strains Under Multiaxial Nominal Loading,” Mark Edward Barkey, October 1993 (UILU-ENG-93-4022). Abstract Download (5 MB)
165 “A Crack-Closure Model for the Fatigue Behavior of Notched Components and Welded Joints,” Chien-Yuan Hou and F. V. Lawrence, May 1994 (UILU-ENG-94-4007). Abstract Download (5 MB)
166 “Computer Simulation of Weldment Fatigue Life,” C. Y. Hou, N. Chen, and F. V. Lawrence (UILU-ENG-94-4013). Abstract Download (856 KB)
167 “Crack Closure in Weldments,” C. Y. Hou and F. V. Lawrence, (UILU-ENG-94-4014). Abstract Download (860 KB)
168 “Cyclic Plasticity with an Emphasis on Ratchetting,” Yanyao Jiang, October 1994, (UILU-ENG-94-4016). Abstract Download (8 MB)
169 “es and ee Based Approaches to Multiaxial Notch Analysis,” Volker B. Köttgen, Mark E. Barkey, and D. F. Socie, January 1995, (UILU-ENG-95-4001). Abstract Download (2 MB)
170 “A Fatigue Model for Thermite Rail Welds,” G. T. Fry and F. V. Lawrence, April 1995, (UILU-ENG-95-4005). Abstract Download (7 MB)
171 “An Active-Path-Dissolution Model for Corrosion-Fatigue Cracking of Drill-Pipe Steels in Offshore-Drilling Environments,” Hung-Yuan Hsieh and F. V. Lawrence, October 1995 (UILU-ENG-95-4048). Abstract Download (9 MB)