FCP Reports

The Fracture Control Program maintains a library of research reports related to key issues in the field.

You may search this library using the field to the right based on keywords and the contents of each report’s abstract and title.  Or, please use the links below to browse our reports.  They’re ordered chronologically.

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152 “Microstructural Studies of Vapor-Deposited Nickel/Ceramic Composites,” Mihir Mahendra Shah and J. M. Rigsbee, December 1989 (UILU-ENG 89-3606). Abstract Download (8 MB)
153 “The Influence of Environment on the Fatigue Behavior of HF-80 HSLA Steel,” Seung-Ho Ahn and F. V. Lawrence, January 1990 (UILU-ENG 90-3601). Abstract Download (4 MB)
154 “Fatigue Crack Closure–Study of Creep and Constraint Effects,” Wei Sun, June 1990 (UILU-ENG 90-3602). Abstract Download (3 MB)
155 “Fatigue of Alumina at Room and High Temperatures,” Chih-Kuang Jack Lin, October 1991 (UILU-ENG 91-3601). Abstract Download (9 MB)
156 “A Model for the Long-Life Fatigue Behavior of Small Notches,” Chih-Hsien Ting and F. V. Lawrence, November 1991 (UILU-ENG 91-3602). Abstract Download (8 MB)
157 “A Fatigue Design Parameter for Spot Welds,” Mohammed Helmi Mamoun Swellam and F. V. Lawrence, December 1991 (UILU-ENG 91-3603). Abstract Download (8 MB)
158 “Nonproportional Biaxial Fatigue of Welded Joints,” Olli Aslak Siljander, P. Kurath and F. V. Lawrence, December 1991 (UILU-ENG 91-3604). Abstract Download (3 MB)
159 “Finite Element Simulations of Fatigue Crack Growth and Closure,” Wei Sun, December 1991 (UILU-ENG 91-3605). Abstract Download (5 MB)
160 “An Investigation into Thermomechanical Fatigue of Metal Matrix Composites,” Metin Karayaka, January 1992 (UILU-ENG 92-3601). Abstract Download (8 MB)
161 “Fatigue and Stress Analyses of Rolling Contact,” Yanyao Roger Jiang and Huseyin Sehitoglu, February 1992 (UILU-ENG 92-3602). Abstract Download (7 MB)