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The Fracture Control Program maintains a library of research reports related to key issues in the field.

You may search this library using the field to the right based on keywords and the contents of each report’s abstract and title.  Or, please use the links below to browse our reports.  They’re ordered chronologically.

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142 “A Long-Life Regime Probability-Based Fatigue Design Method for Weldments,” Sahng Kyoo Park and F. V. Lawrence, Jr., June 1988 (UILU-ENG 88-3603). Abstract Download (5 MB)
143 “Post-Weld Laser-Treatment of 18 Ni (250) Maraging Steel,” Grzegorz Banas, James Michael Rigsbee and Frederick V. Lawrence, Jr., July 1988 (UILU-ENG 88-3604). Abstract Download (3 MB)
144 “Structure and Properties of Ion Plated Aluminum Coatings,” Howard S. Savage and J. M. Rigsbee, October 1988 (UILU-ENG 88-3605). Abstract Download (10 MB)
145 “The Effects of Weld Geometry on Weld Quality and Fatigue Properties of Galvanized HSLA Laser Seam Weldments,” Ming Ke and Frederick V. Lawrence, Jr., October 1988 (UILU-ENG 88-3606). Abstract Download (512 KB)
146 “Structure and Properties of Titanium Nitride Strengthened Microlaminate Composites,” John H. Givens and J. M. Rigsbee, November 1988 (UILU-ENG 88-3607). Abstract Download (3 MB)
147 “Biaxial-Tension Fatigue of Inconel 718,” Daniel L. Morrow, February 1989 (UILU-ENG 89-3601). Abstract Download (4 MB)
148 “A Plasticity Theory of Metals Based on the Dislocation Substructures,” Shiing-Hwa Doong, February 1989 (UILU-ENG 89-3602). Abstract Download (7 MB)
149 “Structure, Chemistry, and Electromechanical Behavior of Mixed Metal (Ruthenium, Titanium) Oxides,” Joseph E. Suarez and J. M. Rigsbee, May 1989 (UILU-ENG 89-3603). Abstract Download (3 MB)
150 “The Effect of Casting Porosity on the Fatigue Life of Lost-Foam Cast Iron and Aluminum-Silicon 319,” Anthony J. Biell IV and Frederick V. Lawrence, Jr., August 1989 (UILU-ENG 89-3604). Abstract Download (3 MB)
151 “A Variable Amplitude Multiaxial Fatigue Life Prediction Method,” Julie Ann Bannantine, October 1989 (UILU-ENG 89-3605). Abstract Download (9 MB)